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Salida The Dubai Fountain performs here each evening - a blur of colour and haze, its waters dance before the almighty tower behind. Desert landscapes of rolling sand dunes raise the pulses of the adventurous, while fine-dining and lively nightlife makes Dubai a luxury destination that truly has it all. New Tour Programme. A healthy pearl trade, and strategic location, brought prosperity in the 19th century, before the discovery of rich oil reserves propelled the city giddily skywards in the latter half of the 20th century.

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Nowadays, palatial hotels tower above dazzling ocean and white sands, while ever-reliable weather and remarkable extravagances, make Abu Dhabi a location of unbridled opulence and intrigue. The city's cultural scene is also burgeoning, with a stunning Louvre outpost recently opening for business.

Wade out to enjoy bath-like temperatures of 30 degrees. The Corniche, meanwhile, is a sweeping coastal walkway, stretching for eight kilometres and offering rich views of the coral-blue ocean back-dropped by jagged skyscrapers. Minimal Activity.

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Adventure Tour - Physically Fit. Minimal Activity New Tour Programme. Ver todas las excursiones Ver menos.

Extravagant shopping malls, gleaming skyscrapers and mosques studded with intricate carvings all contribute to the Pearl of Qatar's flourishing skyline. A futuristic vision kept grounded by its heritage, this sprawling metropolis's ambitious structures echo the ancient Arabic art that long preceded its rise. Explore the luxurious and fascinating tapestry of interwoven extravagance and tradition that is Doha's trademark, as you soak up the sun, sea and skyline of this ever-sparkling city.

Founded in the s, Doha has grown apace from its pearl-farming village origins.

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A well of oil riches helped to propel the city on its upward trajectory, fuelling a cityscape of twisted metal and glass that shimmers amid the peninsula's desert blaze. Despite the vertical ambitions, you can quickly lose yourself in Doha's tight web of alleyways, as you delve into the oldest souk in Qatar - which swallows visitors up in a cacophony of bartering and bantering. Wander the Corniche's four-mile parade, which unspools at the feet of skyscrapers that glow, jewel-like with multicoloured allure as night descends. You'll walk with the vibrant colours of the Persian Bay stretching out next to you.

The palm-tree-lined boulevard culminates in the spectacular Museum of Islamic Art, which stands proudly like a giant, glinting sandcastle.

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Doha may have blossomed rapidly, but it's clear that the ambition doesn't stop here — and the city's boom continues as its time in the sun of the FIFA World Cup draws ever closer. Moderate Activity. Extensive Activity. Los mejores cruceros en noviembre Destinos exóticos y paisajes encantadores inmersos en el sol de tierras lejanas.

Cruceros de Lujo noviembre 2020

Descubrí las fechas! Basta elegir tu puerto de salida y aprovecha tus vacaciones! Conoce también los cruceros de Noviembre del Elige tu destino soñado y empieze a planear tus vacaciones! Busca tu crucero. Viajes en Grupos Viajes de Fin de Año. Fin de año en Dubai Safari por el desierto, visita al Burj Khalifa, crucero Dhow… Estos son algunos de los detalles que te esperan si decides pasar el fin de año en Dubai. Preventa Punta Cana Alojamiento en Hoteles con plan Todo Incluido en Hoteles 4 y 5 estrellas.

Traslados de llegada y salida. Impuestos Incluidos. Viajes Europamundo. París, Alemania, Praga y Viena. Alemania y Europa del Este. China Auténtica.

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Extienda su viaje de Madrid a Lisboa. De San Francisco a San Diego. Círculo Escandinavo. A conocer París y Londres Slow. Qué dicen nuestros Clientes. Regresamos muy felices por la experiencia vivida y queremos reconocer la profesionalidad, dedicación y preocupación en la planificación de todos los detalles hechos por Tatiana, que, cómo ya mencionamos anteriormente,.

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cruceros dubai noviembre 2020 Cruceros dubai noviembre 2020
cruceros dubai noviembre 2020 Cruceros dubai noviembre 2020
cruceros dubai noviembre 2020 Cruceros dubai noviembre 2020
cruceros dubai noviembre 2020 Cruceros dubai noviembre 2020
cruceros dubai noviembre 2020 Cruceros dubai noviembre 2020
cruceros dubai noviembre 2020 Cruceros dubai noviembre 2020

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